How to Use

Thank you for purchasing the AMISCUBE.
There are 27 cubics and a Mission Book in the pocket.
Now you can test your spatial perception with three questions in the Mission Book!

- Beginner: No. 20
- Intermediate: No. 48
- Advanced: No. 196

First of all, with 27 cubics, make blocks listed in No. 20. Make sure that the connecting pins do not come out. And then, try to stack those blocks and solve the 3x3x3 cubes in 5 minutes.

Note that the fewer blocks, the more difficult the problem is. It does not matter which one you try first, but we recommend trying in the order of number. If you solved each of the three puzzles in five minutes with just a one-shot chance, we could say that you already have unique three-dimensional thinking ability.

If you are confident after solving all three puzzles, try solving No. 28, which requires more three-dimensional thinking.
Suppose you solved this No. 28 in 5 minutes, Congratulations! You are an outstanding three-dimensional thinker because almost no one's ever done it in 5 minutes.
Those who have a great sense of perceptual skills now challenge more with 300,000 puzzles on the website.

To use 300,000 Solutions, you must register your product at with the certification code attached to the back of the mission book.

If you failed to register the certification code with unknown errors, please let us know by sending us your certification code and the e-mail address you used to sign up to The website management team will take care of it as soon as possible.